To promote inclusive and multi-stakeholder consultations on the proposed thematic agenda of the GFMD 2017-2018 Co-Chairmanship of Germany and Morocco, this GFMD Migration and Development (M&D) Forum has been made available online in order to gather comments, inputs and suggestions from all Friends of the Forum (UN Member States and GFMD Observers) and other concerned stakeholders (civil society, private sector, academia, migrant and diaspora associations and others).

The Co-Chairs wish to elicit views and contributions grounded on solid experience and expertise in managing migration challenges and maximizing its opportunities. The responses (comments, suggestions, feedback, etc.) and contributions (project documents, assessment reports, etc) received will be considered, to the extent possible, in the preparations of the GFMD 2018 Roundtable sessions and in the reflection on GFMD’s possible role and contributions to the ongoing Global Compact on Migration process.

Roundtable 1: From vulnerability to resilience: recognising migrants as agents of development

Roundtable 2: Regional mobility to promote transferable learning and policy coherence

Roundtable 3: Good migration governance for sustainable development