The Turkish Chair's objectives can be summarized in three points:

  1. Enhancing migrant-focused migration

    Considering the GFMD as a platform that enables states to discuss and follow a cooperative approach in the management of migration, the Turkish Chair aims to enhance the focus of migration management on the rights, dignity and well-being of the migrant, incorporating a variety of perspectives, including the views of civil society and migrants themselves.

  2. Recognising the development impact of migration in public policies

    The GFMD should contribute to the consideration of migration in discussions of development policy at all levels from the local to the global, up to and including the adoption of the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda.

  3. Engaging relevant stakeholders in strengthening the linkages between migration and development

    While preserving the State-led character of the GFMD, Turkey will continue to gather all relevant actors in an inclusive, transparent and transformative dialogue while maintaining the focus on development and encouraging more input from development actors. Elements of the GFMD will enable dialogue among states as well as between states and a broad range of civil society actors (including migrants and migrant organizations), the private sector, international organizations, and other stakeholders.