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Ta3ayoche (Living Together)

German Development Cooperation (GIZ), Ministry for Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs (MDCMREAM) through local office “Maison MREAM”, Association Tissaghnasse pour la Culture et le Développement (ASTICUDE), City of Nador, Regional Council for Human Rights (CRDH)
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Human rights of all migrants
Civil Society, Protection, Empowerment and Rights of Migrants

The project aims at strengthening the role of civil society in promoting the rights of migrants, especially through dialogue with local public institutions. Beneficiaries are migrants, refugees, Moroccan returnees and the local population.

The project supports local Moroccan and migrant associations, facilitating a generalized access of migrants to fundamental rights by creating spaces for dialogue with the institutions and actors involved in contributing to project activities and promoting opportunities for strengthening cultural links as a tool for interculturality and living together. The idea is not to set up parallel services specific to migrants, but to better familiarize them with existing public services and more generally to integrate them into Moroccan society. With a view to social cohesion, the project invited returning migrants and Moroccans around the world to to share their migration experience in their societies of origin.

The project also worked with media professionals on professional ethics and objective journalism concerning the migration narrative in order to deconstruct negative stereotypes about migrants.

The initiative thus contributes to realizing SDG 11 „Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable“.

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