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Supporting migrants and Potential Migrants from Egypt through Information

Labor mobility

The project on “Supporting Migrants and Potential Migrants from Egypt through Information” was launched in 2001 at the initiative of Egypt's Ministry of Manpower and Emigration (MME) and with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Having analysed trends in the emigration of Egyptians since the mid-1980s, the MME identified policies and solutions to address the needs of potential migrant workers in Egypt, as well as those of Egyptians abroad. In addition, the Ministry emphasized the expertise acquired by Egyptians abroad and the possibility of attracting the investments and remittances of Egyptians abroad. The Egyptian government thus created an Integrated Migration Information System (IMIS) through funding from the Italian government and assistance from IOM. The System resulted in the creation of a website and data centre for potential Egyptian migrants and Egyptians abroad, and helped strengthen the skills of MME employees in languages, information technology, management and research. IMIS was followed by IMIS Plus.

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GFMD 2018 - Background Paper RT Session 1.1 "Harnessing the capacity of migrants to realise their potential"