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Diaspora for Development (D4F) Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Government of the Swiss Confederation, MHRR & MFA BiH, UNDP, IOM, partner local gvts. in BiH
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Targets that could benefit from the potential of migration and migrants
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Contributions of migrants and diasporas
Diaspora Empowerment and Engagement

 Diaspora for Development (D4D) project is a four-year intervention funded by the Swiss Government in the area of M&D in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is implemented from December 2016 to December 2020 by UNDP BiH, in cooperation with the IOM BiH and the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sector for Diaspora).

D4D project aims to increase socio-economic opportunities and perspectives for people in BiH, and to improve their livelihoods through increased diaspora engagement. This will be attained through implementation of three specific outcomes:

  • BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees and BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with government institutions at different levels, use and further develop their instruments to actively connect, exchange, and engage with diaspora members and organizations.
  • Local governments align their development strategies to the diaspora policy framework at higher government levels, provide more and better services to diaspora members, and encourage community initiatives to attract diaspora know-how and investment.
  • Diaspora partners transfer know-how and skills and make joint investments with private sector actors in BIH, contributing positively to key economic indicators.

The Project contributes towards mobilizing and harvesting diaspora’s support toward BiH socio-economic development, including linking diaspora with BIH public, non-government, and private economic sectors. (more at http://www.ba.undp.org/content/bosnia_and_herzegovina/en/home/operations/projects/poverty_reduction/migration-and-development1.html).

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