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The Caribbean Community Free Movement of Persons Act (2006)

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Targets that contribute to employment or employment creation
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Irregular migration and regular pathways
Labor mobility, Recognition of skills and qualifications

The Caribbean Community Free Movement of Persons Act (2006) provides for the free movement of certain categories of skilled labour.

Through the Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualifications, it grants a CARICOM national a definite entry for a period of six months, if he/she enters a Member State with a Certificate issued by his/her home country or a Member State other than the receiving country. During this time period his/her qualifications are reviewed by the receiving country and once that Member State is satisfied that his/her qualifications meet standards, he/she will be granted indefinite entry.

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GFMD 2017 - Background Paper RT 3.1 - "Raising the Global Talent Pool – Harnessing the Potential of the Private Sector for Global Skills Partnerships