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Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 15:24

Tripartite agreement on labor market integration

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Irregular migration and regular pathways
Labor mobility, Social Cohesion and Integration

The Danish government reached an agreement with union and business representatives which will help refugees get into the national labour force.

The highlight of the agreement is a new so-called ‘integration basic education’ scheme (integrations-grunduddannelse - IGU), which aims to put refugees in short-term jobs at an apprentice salary level of between 50 to 120 kroner (between 6.7 to 16.1 €) per hour. The IGU jobs can last for up to two years and refugees will also be offered skill development or education courses of up to 20 weeks. 



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GFMD 2017 - Summit Meeting - RT 3.2 - "Strengthening cooperation – Enabling Civil Society Contributions in Migrant Integration"