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Training Manual by UN Women

UN Women
2030 Agenda migration-relevant and related target Labels: 
Targets that could benefit from the potential of migration and migrants
GCM Thematic Cluster Areas: 
Contributions of migrants and diasporas
Empowerment of women and girls, Gender, Sustainable Development

The training manual Gender on the Move: Working on the Migration-Development Nexus from a Gender Perspective aims to build the gender analysis capacity of an array of actors working on topics related to migration and development.

The manual also offers a series of tools to help design programmes and policies that strengthen the positive effects of migration in terms of development, both in origin and destination countries. The manual, which is available in English  and Spanish, is divided into a facilitator’s guide and four training guides, each of which has a self-directed learning section and an activities section for designing face-to-face trainings.

The manual aims to provoke thinking and action around migration and development from a gender and rights-based perspective, bringing to the fore migration for care, the importance of putting the right to care on the development agenda, and migrant women’s rights.  

GFMD Source: 

GFMD 2017 - RT 3.2 Background Paper - "Strengthening cooperation – Enabling Civil Society Contributions in Migrant Integration"