GFMD Focal Points Directory

Below are the GFMD Focal Points for: Republic of Finland

  1. Ms. Tiina Markkinen
    Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
    Department for Development Policy
    Foreign Affairs
  2. Mr. Kimmo Laukkanen
    Permanent Mission of Finland to Geneva
  3. Mr. Renne Klinge
    Senior Advisor, Global Migration Issues
    Foreign Affairs
  4. Mr. Eero Koskenniemi
    Government Counsellor
    Migration Department
    Ministry of the Interior
  5. Mr. Esko Männistö
    Responsible for Policy Coherence
    Department for Development Policy
    Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  6. Mr. Ronald Wiman
    Officer in Charge on Global Social Policy/MFA External Advisor on Global Social Policy
    National Institute for Health and Welfare

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