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Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

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Targets that contribute to employment or employment creation
Skilled Migration

The greater Toronto area receives a large number of immigrants each year, and a significant proportion of them are highly educated. The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) is a multi-stakeholder council that brings together 70 partners - including close to 40 employers - to create and champion solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants in the Toronto Region labour market.

Founded by the Maytree foundation and the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance in 2003, TRIEC helps bring together recent skilled immigrants and established professionals in occupation-specific mentoring relationships. This Mentoring Partnership has facilitated as many as 9,400 mentoring relationships. Through the Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) initiative, TRIEC collaborates with professional immigrant networks to increase their capacity to connect skilled immigrants with meaningful employment opportunities. Forty-seven immigrant networks have joined the platform since the launch of the PINs website in February 2012. TRIEC also helps immigrants find employment, by connecting them to its partners, the Career Edge Organization and the Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally-Trained Persons (CASIP).

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GFMD 2018 - Background Paper RT Session 1.1 "Harnessing the capacity of migrants to realise their potential"