The GFMD Focal Point Network

Government-designated Focal Points in the Network enable the GFMD to liaise with the participating governments and to facilitate dialogue and greater coordination between different government offices and between government and other stakeholders at national level. They can potentially play a role as catalysts of greater coherence in the development and migration field at international level.

Non-governmental Friends of the Forum members, for instance international organizations and regional consultative processes (RCPs), also appoint their GFMD FPs who coordinate their organization’s respective participation and contribution to the GFMD process.

Due to the constantly changing nature of the assignments of GFMD focal points, the GFMD directory of focal points is continually updated. It is maintained by the GFMD Support Unit. At present, the network consists of Focal Points both from States’ capitals and from Geneva, and members which are not represented in Geneva have assigned Focal Points from their Missions in New York, Brussels or other places where they maintain their offices.

Browse the GFMD Focal Points Directory:

This directory contains information on National Focal Points, Focal Points at International Organizations and other governmental representatives and observers.