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The World 2030 Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action

2030 Agenda migration-relevant and related target Labels: 
Subgoal 10.7 on safe, orderly and regular migration
GCM Thematic Cluster Areas: 
Addressing drivers of migration
Addressing Irregular Migration, Addressing Push Factors of Migration, Policy Coherence, Return and Reintegration, Sustainable Development

In the recent Danish Strategy on Development Cooperation and Humanitarian action,  Denmark is combining its humanitarian strategy and its development cooperation strategy into one joint strategy. The strategy has four strategic objectives:

  1. Safety, peace and protection
  2. Prevention of irregular migration
  3. Inclusive, sustainable growth
  4. Freedom, democracy, human rights and quality

Migration is a strategic priority with the aim of supporting migration management but also addressing root causes of migration. 

GFMD Source: 

GFMD 2017 - Thematic Workshop on the GFMD contribution to the GCM