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Information and Communication Technology Council

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Irregular migration and regular pathways
Private Sector and Public-Private Partnership, Recognition of skills and qualifications

Canada has industry associations that coordinate with the government, private sector, and civil society to inform immigration policies and capacity building programs. For example, The Information and Communication Technology Council (ICTC) of Canada coordinates with governments, associations, schools, employers, and immigrant and community organizations to ensure that employers meet their hiring needs. ICTC works to inform immigration policies governing the admission of tech and IT talent based on employer feedback. ICTC also provides a matching role between migrants and employment opportunities and cooperates with civil society to ensure migrants smoothly transition into the workplace. They have achieved a 2.84 percent unemployment rate among immigrants with ICT skillsets in Canada.

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GFMD 2017 Summit - Business Mechanism Report "Toward a Global Compact on Migration: Perspectives on Labour Migration from the GFMD Business Mechanism"