Ecuador GFMD 2019

Second GFMD Preparatory Meetings - 28-29 May 2019

2nd Meeting of the GFMD Steering Group (28 May 2019)
Room XI, ILO

2nd Meeting of the GFMD Friends of the Forum (29 May 2019)
Room II, ILO

Conference Documents:

First GFMD Preparatory Meetings - 20-21 February 2019

1st Meeting of the GFMD Steering Group (20 February 2019)
Salle XXII, Building E, Palais des Nations

1st Meeting of the GFMD Friends of the Forum (21 February 2019)
Salle XXI, Building E, Palais des Nations

Conference Documents:

GFMD 2019 Chairmanship

GFMD 10-Year Review Report

GFMD and Related Process

(a) Contribution to the 2030 Agenda

(b) GCM and UN Migration Network

GFMD Mechanisms - Priorities and Road Map

(a) Civil Society Process

(b) Business Mechanism

(c) Mayors Mechanism


GFMD Thematic Workshop: Facilitating social and economic inclusion (funded by EU, implemented by ICMPD) - 24-25 July 2019

San José, Costa Rica

GFMD Thematic Workshop "Narratives on Migration: Toward an evidence-based Communication" - 4-5 July 2019

Mohammed VI International Conference Center, Skhirat, Morocco

Materials and publications contributed by the speakers / panelists




Government of The Gambia

Impacto Social Metropolitan Group




Observance Event of the International Day of Family Remittances - 14 June 2019

Conference Room 12, United Nations Headquarters, New York

GFMD Thematic Workshop “Implementation of the Global Compact for Migration at the National Level” - 21-22 March 2019

Palais des Nations, Geneva

Statements and Presentation

Opening Session

Framing Session

Panel discussion: Ensuring successful GCM Implementation - A Collective Aspiration and a Shared Responsibility

Panel discussion: Ensuring successful GCM Implementation - National Perspectives on Lessons Learned

Closing Session

Relevant Reference Materials


Theme 1: Human rights-based approaches in developing national implementation plans as a transversal issue

Theme 2: Creating regular pathways for migration for sustainable development – GCM objective 5

Theme 3: Promoting fair and ethical recruitment and decent work – GCM objective 6

GFMD consultation on the relationship between GFMD and GCM - 4 April 2019

Room VII, Building A, 3rd Floor, Palais des Nations, Geneva

GFMD Side Event at 2019 HLPF - GFMD Perspective on Empowering People and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality - 19 July 2019

United Nations, New York