Greece GFMD 2009

"Integrating Migration Policies into Development Strategies for the Benefit of All""

  • Session 1.1 [ FR | ES ]
    Mainstreaming migration in development planning—Key actors, key strategies, key actions.
  • Session 1.2 [ FR | ES ]
    Engaging diasporas and migrants in development policies and programs—Their role? Their constraints?
  • Session 1.3 [ FR | ES ]
    Addressing the root causes of migration through development, specifically in light of the current global economic crisis.

"Migrant integration, reintegration and circulation for development"

  • Session 2.1 [ FR | ES ]
    Inclusion, protection and acceptance of migrants in society—linking human rights and migrant empowerment for development.
  • Session 2.2 [ FR | ES ]
    Reintegration and circular migration—effective for development?

"Policy and Institutional Coherence and Partnerships"

Global Migration Group:

Contribution from the GFMD ad-hoc Working Group on Protecting and Empowering Migrants for Development:

Other Supporting Documents for the Roundtable Sessions:

Contribution from the ACP Secretariat: