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Egyptian-Jordanian Cooperation in the Field of Labor Management

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Friday, August 10, 2018 - 11:12
Egypt, Jordan
2030 Agenda migration-relevant and related target Labels: 
Subgoal 10.7 on safe, orderly and regular migration
Subgoal 8.8 on labor rights for migrant workers
Targets on vulnerability and protection
Targets that contribute to employment or employment creation
GCM Thematic Cluster Areas: 
Objective 1: Collect and utilize accurate and disaggregated data as a basis for evidence-based policies
Objective 6: Facilitate fair and ethical recruitment and safeguard conditions that ensure decent work
Member States
Germany-Morocco 2017 2018
Geographical Relevance: 
Regional Consultative Processes and International Regional Fora, Migration and Health, Migration Management, Pathways for regular migration, Temporary and Circular Labour Migration, Skilled Migration, Migration and Education, Connectivity and Migration, Costs of migration, Low and Unskilled Migration, Legal frameworks on migration, Immigration